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A Dog's Prayer

The last farewell from my lovely guide dog Ira, who died 24th of February 2000, and a prayer from dogs all over the world:

  1. My lifespan is only about 13 years. Each separation from you brings me sorrow. Remember that when you get me!
  2. Give me time to understand what it is you ask of me!
  3. Make me trustful - you are my whole life!
  4. Don't be angry with me for very long; don't lock me up for punishment!
  5. You have your job, your fun, and your friends. I only have you!
  6. Talk to me. Though I don't understand your words, I understand when you talk about me!
  7. Before you hit me, then remember that my teeth can easily crush your hand, but I don't use my power!
  8. When you get annoyed with me because you are busy, then remember that maybe I have a stomach ache, I lay in the sun too long, or maybe I'm just tired or feeling sad!
  9. Take care of me when I grow old. You will grow old, too!
  10. Stay with me when I'm having a difficult time. Everything becomes easier because I have you.

Your Dog

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