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Red blind heart with sunglasses and stick - animation The guide dog Holger with his harness

Caption: Hilarious Hulda's Hasty Holger

Blind mouse with stick - animation

Welcome To Count Holger's Website!

My name is Hilarious Hulda's Hasty Holger, and I am working as a guide dog for Connie who is blind and therefore needs a clever and charming guy to tell her what to do. Without my help Connie many times would have ended up down a blind alley or ended up in the dog house or on a train going no-where with a blind date - poor Connie!

On the following pages you can read about me and Connie and our way of living. I really hope that you will enjoy your visit here, and that you don't end up with the feeling that you have been barking up the wrong tree. Also I hope that you do not think that I have been too dog-matic in my expressions of paw-licy.

With the warmest wagging greetings and many bow-wows
Count Holger.