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Thanks a lot to ...

When the world feels cold and windy with busy and tired people around you, you feel really happy, when suddenly you meet a person who seems to have time enough to give a helping hand.
Therefore Holger and I would very much like to thank all the people who through the years spent some time with me and my homepage. Especially I would like to say thank you so very very much to Kurt Wessel, who gave me so much in the hard beginning, when I did not know anything at all about making websites. My first "real" homepages, he made all alone doing his best to give me the colors and pictures that I wanted. However it is a little more fun to make you homepage by yourself.
Especially I would very much like to thank Peter H.S. Madsen for all the help he gave to me and for all the time he spent making my website much more blind-friendly. He always tried to do his best to make the layout look just the way that I wanted it to look, and he did it all with big patience and kindness
Also thanks a lot to Lotte Madsen whoes glass backgrounds and animations I have put into my website on a couple of pages.

Therefore I would also very much like to thank Hanne Petersen, who was so kind to give me a kick some months ago, because she thought that my homepage could be much better, and so she told me. Without her help and useful tools, this homepage had never been finished.
And thanks to Lene Henriksen for translating my sites into english which was not very easy to do, especially not on the scientist pages, which you find in the table of contents.

Finally I want to say thank you to my mother for all her help trying to describe colors and pictures for me, and thanks to Jørgen for his help with some of my photos. In other words: Thank you so very very much to all who made it possible for me to make this homepage.

Connie and Count Holger.

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