Photo of Bjarne Andersen

Caption: Bjarne Andersen - The Danish Baritone

Red rose with dew - animation Rotating note - animation

"Music expresses all which cannot be said, and all which is impossible to keep silent"
(Victor Hugo)

Some singers sing in a way that makes you listen with all your head and both your ears, but only very few of them sing in a way that makes you listen with all your heart. Such a voice I heard in the radio on one of those gray days with rainy clouds outside and inside, and its warmth and intensity made me feel happy for being "just" blind and not deaf, for the world must be so empty and terrible to live in with out the sound of music, the birds, the wind in the trees, the waves from the sea and the sound of a beloved voice.

On the next two pages you can listen to this unique voice which belongs to Bjarne Andersen in Las Vegas. The small sound clips are in real audio, so you need Real Player. (Get your Real Player here)

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