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Who am I?

I am a blind girl, who, very much to my own surprise, already completed my fiftieth year recently. I was born and raised at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, where I still live in a lovely apartment close to a park that I often visit with my faithful and lovely guide dog - Hilarious Hulda's Hasty Holger. (You can read a lot about my Holger and his way of living, if you go back to the table of contents and look for his name there). I became blind at the age of 10. I always attended primary school, high school, and university with sighted students. It was not a particularly happy time as it was extremely frustrating not receiving the teaching materials until much later than the other students because my books had to be printed in Braille first. So I had to struggle constantly to keep up with my sighted classmates. However, I always did try to have a positive attitude to things, for "why curse darkness when you can light a small light?"

As a blind person, you literally need to have an eye on each fingertip. You quickly learn how to see with your hands, your nose, and not least with your ears. To me, all sounds have colors. I do not find myself in uncomfortable darkness despite the fact that I am blind, thanks to all the sounds that surround us - the little, happy blackbird; the kids shouting at the playground; people chatting on the bus and in the supermarket; the wind sighing in the trees; the roaring sea; and music. All these sounds create colorful patterns in my mind's eye, some of them incredibly beautiful. I have placed lots of these sounds on my website hoping that they might bring others a bit of joy.

As a child, I used to love to draw and paint. When I became blind, all I could do was dream of this. Not until a few years ago, I suddenly had the opportunity to play with colors and pictures again when I acquired a computer and a synthetic speech program. Thus my website has become my personal playground where I place my own digital photos and for a short time forget about all the trouble and nuisance connected with being blind and requiring the assistance of sighted persons.

Hope you will enjoy your stay here on my website.
Connie and Count Holger.
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